What You Should Know About Italians Villas

Taking a photos

Do you think you can make pics that you will in Italy?

Not at all positions allowed photography outside and Luxury villas Amalfi coast . In front of some of the villas and palaces, and in some places in the city, it is not desired or is prohibited from taking photos. You can find out in a very awkward way. Approach will be a police officer, the owner, keeper or a passer and a very unpleasant way to explain this to you.


Most of the museum reserves the exclusive right to photography and to reach out to your machine and even without use flash, the penalties are really a great inconvenience to which you will have to face even greater.

Italians and their “moda”

Italy is the largest exporter of textiles. The strongest fashion brands come from Italy. It is fashionable countries whose citizens do know a good habit. They really know what the trend. But that does not mean that Italians love trend experiments on the street. If you are on Sardinia Porto Cervo for a vacation, you will be able to find boutiques from mid May up to the end of September almost all famous designers and at the Porto Cervo enjoy in your Luxury Villas Sardinia.

They are traditional people who cultivate the culture of clothing and clothing are no firm rules of conduct in the city. This means that appalled the people who walk in flip-flop, flip-flops for the beach, short tops, short miniskirts, and generally inappropriate clothing to see much of the body. It is inexcusable for them vulgar and primitivism.

Think about it more freely, does not mean that you will not get into a restaurant, museum or similar but you will certainly have a dismissive views of the locals, a waiter in a restaurant, curator at the museum and the like. It is summer and hot, does not mean that you’re on the beach. In the city you are and please politely put, if you do not want to be perceived as primitive.

Cloth’s washing at Luxury Villas

Outside the major cities of Italy and in special Amalfi coast, is almost impossible that you will find a laundry or dry cleaner except at the villas. This is most concerned about Americans who are accustomed to each accommodation has a shared laundry room. Each hotel or villa owner/ housekeeper will wash my clothes and a good charge, while common laundries are very cheap. Put $ 3-5 in the washing machine and the problem solved. When Americans travel to Amalfi coast, one of the important notice is this: “Do not expect to easily find a dry cleaner outside of your Amalfi coast villa rentals .”


Returning or replacement purchases of clothing and footwear in Italian stores is often actually quite uncomfortable. In most case, you will meet in surprise and indignation sellers and store owners. Politics of Italian shops that are staying in the shop how long it takes, try all sizes, models, colors, but once we decide that’s it.

Here again the Americans have the most problems because they are accustomed to in the U.S. can buy goods and change it countless times, come back and give up.

Tasting apparel stores, mostly boils down to take one item of clothing, try it, go back and then another. Taking a number of clothing items in most stores is not advisable, though neither forbiden.Problem the enormous theft of clothing and footwear in Italy, which was among the first in the world with such a form of theft.

If you take more than three items of clothing, you will have a menacing glances and rude sellers of the same. Avoid it.

People with disabilities

Italy has no understanding for people with disabilities.Only since 2008 introduced a program to solve the problems of people with disabilities, which is being gradually implemented. Cars were crammed on the trail for pedestrians entering the restaurants, shopping malls, car parks, public toilets, museums, cinemas, theaters, are not subject to disability. This is one of the most awkward problems that Italy is now engaged.


Forget sunbathing topless in the south of Italy. If you do not want dismissive views of local residents or horny views of young Italians, let go of the habit and practice it in the northern part of Italy but also ask first.

Child’s and care by Italians

Regardless of the warm hospitality at hotels, the Italians just have an ear for entertainment of children in their area, the Italian tradition says that each parent is obligated to care for her child and that includes animation. Less frequently, you will find in Italian hotels park playground, someone who keeps the kids, and animators alike.

It’s some of the things that any visitor should know but Italians are very friendly anyway but and special on their own way…but the most of the tourists will not even see these italian customs..it’s a just a mining of someone who live in Italy from long time. Tourist I know in 99% case find this interesting and like it. Italians are simple Italians and their luxury villas at the Amalfi coast are something we should check… Or you think different.

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